We are proud to present another release of OpenTodoList. Please head over to the application page to find the download links.


This release again brings some fixes in the installer of the application. Hence, especially on Windows you should completely re-install the app in order to ensure that future updates work out of the box. Besides this, there are some minor fixes in the UI here and there: The hover effect was not working properly when the app ran in non-compact mode on Desktops. On Android, when creating todos and tasks potentially the incomplete input text was used as title. Finally, todo titles were not wrapped in the library page. Besides these fixes, this release also brings a great new feature: Tags. You can now add arbitrary many tags to each of your top level items. These tags can be used to filter todos: In the library selector, you can not only select one of your libraries but also one of the used tags. If you do, only the items having this tag attached will be shown. This is a great help to keep your library ordered even when the number of items starts to grow.

Tags can be used to structure your libraries.

We are proud to present version 2.4.0 of OpenTodoList. This version fixes some bugs as well as introduces new features and improvements to the app. Please head over to the OpenTodoList page to find the download links.


  • Fixed selection of folders (for the Open Local Library functionality) - this was not working after some refactoring in the last version.
  • The About Application page now also shown the version number of the app.
  • Added a check which prevents item from being shown multiple times - this could happen when you are using some sync clients (such as the ownCloud desktop client) to sync your OpenTodoList library with the cloud in the background.
  • Fixed a bug when creating new items on Android (potentially an incomplete title was used).
  • Auto-saving of notes: When editing an item’s notes, your work is now saved on the fly, preventing potential data loss.
  • Improvements in the sidebar: The sidebar has seen some general overhaul. Additionally, it compact mode you can slide it it from the screen edge.
  • Added a check to prevent wrong library syncs (could cause issues when you have multiple synced libraries).
  • On the library page, todo lists now only show undone todos.

We are proud to announce another release of OpenTodoList. Head over to the app page where you can find the individual download links. If you already installed the app, you should be able to trigger an update via the build in updater in Help > Check for updates.

What’s new?

Version 2.3.0 is a bug fix version which removes some issues introduced with the previous version 2.2.0. There was one main issue, which is that under certain circumstances deleting items from a library in the app could cause further data to be deleted. That’s why we highly recommend updating to 2.3.0 as soon as possible. Additionally, some minor issues in the user interface are fixed.

The new context sensitive toolbar shows icons as required.

We are proud to announce the latest release of OpenTodoList 2.2.0. This version extends the app by some further basic functionality. Additionally, some bugs have been fixed. You can get the latest release from the OpenTodoList page.

Important Note for Windows Users

In case you installed the app with admin privileges before (e.g. to be able to install it to C:\Programs Files), then please uninstall the app once and re-install it. This is required to enable a fix which has been applied to the installer/updated.


  • Updated the project’s README file as it was outdated after the recent refactoring.
  • On Android, the app now uses an alternative file and folder selection, which is more convenient than the Qt built-in file dialog on this platform.
  • The app now listens for file and folder changes in the background. That means, if you use some synchronization tool like e.g. the ownCloud desktop client to sync your library with the cloud, the app now will recognize updated that happen in the background while the app is running. Before, one had to restart the app for such changes to take effect.
  • The installer/updater has been fixed. This mainly affects Windows, the an update of the app would fail. Note that in case you use the app on Windows, you probably have to uninstall it once and then re-install it from scratch. Afterwards, you should be able to use the automatic updater to pull in new versions.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause items not to be saved correctly in case some special characters are used in the item’s title.
  • Improved the tool bar: Most icons now are shown only when required. This makes it easier to use especially on mobile devices.
  • Implemented a shortcut for “Create and Open”. When creating a new note, todo list or todo, you can now use the Ctrl+Enter shortcut to create and immediately open the item.

The new item types - images and notes - next to a traditional todo list.

We are proud to announce the release of OpenTodoList 2.1. This is the first official release of the new 2.x version line of the application. Compared to the previous versions, the new versions bring a lot of new features and enhances the data model quite a bit. Back when the application has been started, it was intended as a pure todo and task managing application. With the new releases, the app now also supports notes and images, all in one app. These items can be managed in libraries - with each one being stored as a directory on your local disk. To get the new release, please visit the application page and select the appropriate download option for your system. Bugs and feature requests can be reported in our bug tracker.