OpenTodoList 3.37.2 Has Been Released

We just released a new bug fix release of OpenTodoList. Here’s the list of fixes included:


  • rpdev/opentodolist#445: On Windows, when running the uninstaller, we now ensure that the app gets terminated. This is especially important during updates. The installer first calls the uninstaller to remove the previous version. If the app continues running in the background, the installation will run into issues (complaining that the app executable cannot be written). Note that the fix will get effective only after the update, i.e. for current installations, you have to make sure the app is not running manually.
  • rpdev/opentodolist#469: We added an option to the CMake build to select the Qt version to build against. This is important on systems, where both Qt5 and Qt6 are installed in parallel.
  • rpdev/opentodolist#451: We ironed out a bug where source code in the notes of an item would not wrap at the end of the line.
  • rpdev/opentodolist#473: Last but not least, there was a bug which sneaked in with the UI refactoring we recently made, which rendered the confirmation dialog to delete all completed items in a list unusable.


  • Please find the download links for major platforms on GitHub.
  • For Android, the release is available via Google Play.
  • For iOS, the release is available via the App Store.
  • If you use snap, you can install the app from the
  • If you use flatpak, you can install the app from Flathub.
  • For Arch based Linux distributions, you can install the app from AUR.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues. If you encounter any issues, please file a bug report in the bug tracker.

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