OpenTodoList 3.9 Has Been Released

This is again a release which took a lot of time - however, it is an important one. While there shouldn’t be a lot of user visible changes in, this release comes with quite some changes under-the-hood, improving the performance of the app dramatically. And also, the obligatory bug fixes are in.


  • We integrated QLMDB as a cache for item data. On top, a kind of object store has been implemented, where most interactions are done via transactions executed in background threads. Long story short: For you as a user this means a much more fluent user interface. In particular when your libraries grow, you will notice performance improvements when switching between views. This change implicitly also fixes some minor issues like e.g. the app had to be restarted to apply the deletion of an item via a sync from the server.
  • This release comes with an important fix for Android users of the app. Creating libraries in the default location did not work on all devices. With this release the default location has been changed, which should fix this issue on all devices.
  • Another important step is that the app now moved away from qmake as its build system to cmake. The latter is much more flexible (at the cost of not being as deeply integrated with the Qt Creator IDE used for developing the app) and also makes it easier to integrate libraries which also use cmake for building.


Please find the download links for major platforms on GitHub. For Android, the release is available via Google Play.

Known Issues

  • On Windows, make sure you have proper OpenGL support. The app strictly requires OpenGL to work. Most notably, when running within a Virtual Machine, chances are that starting the app will result in an error.

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