OpenTodoList 3.44.0 Has Been Released

Hi everyone!

First of all a Happy Easter to you! 🐣

Yes, we are again a bit late for the next release of your favorite Todo List and note taking app, but unfortunately, I got hit by a bad cold, followed by Corona, so I think this should be excuse enough. But hey, better late than never! So, here comes the list of changes that made it into this release of OpenTodoList - and what should I say? While the list was rather short for the previous release, this one includes just the more of them 😉


rpdev/opentodolist#614: Fix the Arch Linux Build

The previous release broke - due to its many under-the-hood changes - the build of the app on Arch Linux (and friends). More concrete, building worked fine, but after installing, the app was missing some runtime libraries so it simply would not start.

Well, fixed ✅

rpdev/opentodolist#548: Improve Speed of Cache Queries

OpenTodoList uses a cache to access the items in your libraries. If you are into these kinds of topics, its somehow similar to a database system, just without an actual DB running in the background.

In this release, we improve the speed of queries run against the case to retrieve items from it. This should greatly reduce the time needed to completely render pages, especially on older devices with slow I/O performance 🐌

rpdev/opentodolist#607: Crash on Android when deleting all completed todos

Another rather nasty bug: On Android, when deleting all completed todos within a todo list, this would crash the app. What to say… fixed as well ✅

rpdev/opentodolist#610: Monochrome System Tray Icon

If you run the app on macOS, you might have noticed it fell out a bit - visually, of course. It used to use a colorful icon for the system tray. Here as well, the correct tense is the past tense, because we now default to using a monochrome style icon instead. On other platforms, we still use the colored one by default, however, regardless of where you run the app on, you can always select explicitly which style you want it to use.

rpdev/opentodolist#575: Fix several Markdown rendering issues

As the title suggests: There were several issues rendering Markdown content in the app. We hopefully got most of them, fixing them by switching to use Qt’s internal Markdown rendering as well as using another component to render the generated HTML.

We hope this should greatly improve the user experience without breaking existing Markdown documents!

rpdev/opentodolist#609: Remove useless close button in settings

There was a close button in the settings page - however, it simply didn’t work (and frankly, we nowhere else use a close button to “go back” in the page stack). So, in the end we simply removed it 🚮

rpdev/opentodolist#596: The sync sometimes hangs

After the previous update, we noticed that under certain circumstances the app might hang during a sync. The only way to get out of that was to quit the app and restart it.

This is fixed now by introducing a sync timeout - once we detect that no more data is transferred for some while, network requests and cancelled. So, this annoying bug should be a thing of the past!

rpdev/opentodolist#608: Bad Spanish Translations

There were some bad Spanish translations - thanks to the great users out there reporting and letting is know!

If you, too, find strangely translated parts within the app, feel free to report these as well or - even better - head over to POEditor and lend us a hand extending and fixing translations 😉

rpdev/opentodolist#544: Improvements of Windows installer

We put some love into the Windows installer of the app. In particular, the update procedure got way better (most importantly, we no longer open the uninstaller from within the installer to actually run the update).

rpdev/opentodolist#584: Quick Solutions Buttons in Problems View

Sometimes, e.g. due to transient network errors, a sync operation might fail. OpenTodoList reports such incidents as problems, which you can review in the user interface. To make “solving” such issues even easier, we introduced “Quick Solutions” buttons in the problems view:

For example, if a sync issue occurred, you’ll now find a “Retry” button right on the reported problem, which you can hit to simply retry running the sync. Before, you had to click the problem report to open the affected library and manually start a new sync from there.

rpdev/opentodolist#581: Path to a library in the user interface

Sometimes its necessary to review the folder structure of a library as is stored on disk.

You’ll now find a new option “Open Library Folder” in the menu of the library page, which will open the file explorer in the folder of the library.

Note that this is considered “expert knowledge”, so only use this to check out the structure of the library on disk but don’t try to manually edit any files in there, as this might make reading these files within the app impossible and hence cause data loss.

rpdev/opentodolist#481: Improved moving of todos

You might already have used the “Move Todo” functionality of OpenTodoList. This function allows you to move a todo into another todo list.

However, this only can be done within the same library. But, there was a bug in the appropriate dialog, so we always showed all available todo lists across all libraries as possible “targets” for the move operation. This - obviously - is nonsense. So, fixed in this release ✅

rpdev/opentodolist#537: Unstable unit test

A bit techy, but: There was a unit test that occasionally would fail on macOS for unknown reasons. We tried to improve and stabilize this test (which is of course of no further relevance to users of the app, but still an important fix for those who have to develop OpenTodoList 😉).

rpdev/opentodolist#530: Shared base class for SynqClient-based classes

Last but not least, we did some refactoring of the code: Namely, we introduced shared base classes for those classes in the code, that use the SynqClient library for running the sync operation. Again, this is nothing directly visible to users of the app, but it makes the code easier to maintain and hence saves us valuable time in the future.


  • Please find the download links for major platforms on GitHub.
  • For Android, the release is available via Google Play.
  • For iOS, the release is available via the App Store.
  • If you use snap, you can install the app from the
  • If you use flatpak, you can install the app from Flathub.
  • For Arch based Linux distributions, you can install the app from AUR.

Known Issues

There is a minor known regression with the Qt6 based build of the app when running on Linux with Wayland. Reordering items via drag and drop works, but you sometimes have to click somewhere (e.g. the tool bar) to re-enable hover for the items after such a drag and drop operation. This has been reported as a bug against Qt in their bugtracker. Usually, you can start the app passing it the -platform xcb option to force using X11/XWayland (which does not show the same symptoms).

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