OpenTodoList 3.23 Has Been Released

We have the 1st of June - time for another release of OpenTodoList! And hey, this is a really great release. If you would have to pick a common theme for v3.23 it would probably be scheduling. But even if you don’t regularly use the scheduling capabilities of the app, this one still has some goodies for all of you! 🎁


  • rpdev/opentodolist#337: Previously, to add an item to the schedule page, you had to navigate to this item and assign a due date to it. Now, you can create new items directly from the schedule page! It is a simple as hitting the new ➕ button and either select todo list, todo or note! So if you use OpenTodoList to organize your day, this feature makes it more easy than ever before to keep order in your days!
  • rpdev/opentodolist#338: You can now easily re-schedule items in the schedule page. Just right click (on a desktop system) or press and hold an item (on a device with touch input) to bring up the context menu. From there, you can easily re-schedule an item to today, tomorrow, this or the next week or a custom date.
  • rpdev/opentodolist#332: Want to use OpenTodoList to get regular reminders to water your plants or clean up your desk? No problem - that’s easily possible now. After setting a due date for an item, you can now also add a recurrence pattern. After marking a recurring item as done, it won’t simply be closed but is immediately re-scheduled to the next occurrence you set. The app supports two ways of scheduling patterns. You can select items to recur on a fixed cadence (e.g. every week always on the same day as the original due date) or you can select the next date to be relative to the day you mark the item as done (this is in particular useful for items, where you want to ensure you have even breaks between occurrences - like the mentioned watering of plants 😉).
  • rpdev/opentodolist#292: On Android, you items are no longer included in Google’s auto backup. While this might first sound like a regression, it actually is in line withe the app’s promise - ensuring you maintain control over your data. For this reason, we don’t want data to accidentally leak over to Google servers. If you need to sync your data, it is recommended to create libraries on a WebDAV server or select a folder which can be backed up by other means (like another sync client app).
  • rpdev/opentodolist#340 and rpdev/opentodolist#343: In the calendar dialog used to select due dates, today is not highlighted so you don’t have to remember which day we actually have 📅
  • rpdev/opentodolist#342: Todo and task listings have also been refined a bit in this version, making such lists much easier to grasp and also to interact with (in the case of mobile touch centric devices).
  • rpdev/opentodolist#339: With this version, OpenTodoList properly handles redirects. In fact, before, the app would not handle them at all. During the fix, we ran into further issues with some particular servers. Bottom line: When your WebDAV server uses redirects, you should now be finally able to use the app with it.
  • rpdev/opentodolist#334: Another fix - using the search function no longer crashes the app.
  • rpdev/opentodolist#330: And another one: The automatic upload of releases to GitHub now works again.
  • rpdev/opentodolist#329: You can now once again add tags to todo lists - this functionality was broken with the previous release.
  • rpdev/opentodolist#331: And the last for for this release: We fixed the URL of some module we include in the source repository (this is important if you clone the app’s sources e.g. from a mirror and not the official repository on GitLab).
Version 2.23 of OpenTodoList heavily ups the scheduling capabilities of the app.


  • Please find the download links for major platforms on GitHub.
  • For Android, the release is available via Google Play.
  • For iOS, the release is available via the App Store.
  • If you use snap, you can install the app from the
  • If you use flatpak, you can install the app from Flathub.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues. If you encounter any issues, please file a bug report in the bug tracker.

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