OpenTodoList 3.17 Has Been Released

We already are well into November, so actually, it is time for another OpenTodoList release. Once again, from a feature perspective, this is not the most existing one you might hope for, but for some users, it might be a very good release, though 😉


  • rpdev/opentodolist#227: This is a minor fix in one of the unit tests of the app. Annoying for the developer, for users, it shouldn’t be too relevant.
  • rpdev/opentodolist#255: For Android, we upgraded to Qt 5.13.1 to solve an issue with HTTPS connections.
  • rpdev/opentodolist#270: The macOS release of the app is now signed, so when updating to the new release, no more annoying dialogs that the app is not from a trusted developer 🥳
  • rpdev/opentodolist#257: Again, this is more back end stuff… We now build the app again using qmake instead of cmake. This has practical reasons: qmake is a first class citizen in the Qt world, which is especially noticeable when it comes to support for mobile devices. In particular, starting with the next Qt release (5.14), we’ll be able to gain support for Android App Bundles (AAB) out of the box - something not so easily done with cmake. In the end this means: More time in the future for working on new app features!
  • rpdev/opentodolist#231: This is basically the bummer of this release. OpenTodoList now can be build and run on iOS! You won’t find the app yet in the iOS app store, but hopefully, it will only be a matter of days. We probably will start with a testing phase (with open beta, so everyone interested can join), before it goes public.


  • Please find the download links for major platforms on GitHub.
  • For Android, the release is available via Google Play.
  • If you use snap, you can install the app from the
  • If you use flatpak, you can install the app from Flathub.
OpenTodoList now can be build for and run on iOS.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues. If you encounter any issues, please file a bug report in the bug tracker.

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