OpenTodoList 0.3.0

Between 0.1.0 and 0.2.0, half a year passed. Now, only short time after the released of 0.2.0, we have 0.3.0 ready :-) Well, this is no wonder, given that the major refactoring is over and the main target of this release was to improve the user experience a bit.

Warning: This is BETA

If you want to give the app a try, please keep in mind that this version should definitely be considered beta status (read also below for some notes). Plese keep this in mind and consider doing backups of your data from time to time.

What’s new in 0.3.0

As mentioned, 0.3.0 is bringing some improvements in terms of UX, especially in the user interace.

Manual Sorting

Tasks now can be rearranged within their todo. Also, when using manual todo sorting (via the menu in the view options) is active, todos as well can be sorted manually.

Indicators in Todo Views

In Todo listings, todos are now marked with little indicators. Currently, there are two possible ones: If a todo has a due date set, a little coloured clock indicated whether the todo is overdue, to be done in the next days or still some time in the future. Additionally, a todo which has a priority set is marked with a little flag (where the color indicates the priority, i.e. highest priority todos get a red flag, while lesser priorized ones get a green one).

Minor UI Fixes

Next to these more visible changes, there are some minor changes that ensure that the UI behalves correctly and stays up to date when running over longer periods of time.


Installation for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows

To install OpenTodoList, please download the appropriate installer for your operating system. The installer is available in two flavors: One online installer which will download the actual app and one offline installer, which contains the application but also allows you to update to newer versions in the future.


You can install OpenTodoList also from the Android Play Store. We are currently in a beta phase. In order to be able to install using the Play Store:

  1. Join the OpenTodoList Beta Users Google+ community.
  2. Opt-in to the beta version by following this link.

Afterwards, you should find OpenTodoList in the Google Play Store.

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