OpenTodoList 0.1.0

OpenTodoList 0.1.0 has been released! Here is the list of changes since the last preview versions:


  • Offline and online installers for Windows and Linux (x86_64).
  • Smart todo creation. Type in e.g. “Due today: Call mum” to create a todo which is automatically set due today.
  • Several UI fixes.
  • Filter settings are correctly restored.
  • Proper sorting of todos (done and deleted todos now always appear at the end of a list.


Installing from the Android Play Store

You can install OpenTodoList also from the Android Play Store. We are currently in a beta phase. In order to be able to install using the Play Store:

  1. Join the OpenTodoList Beta Users Google+ community. 3. Opt-in to the beta version by following this link.

Afterwards, you should find OpenTodoList in the Google Play Store.

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