Want to lend a hand?

OpenTodoList is an open and free app: It is developed as Open Source, you can (and always will be able to) get its sources to study them, learn from the code base and build the app on your own. In addition, the app is available ready to use for most operating systems and platforms - also for free.

The app is developed in the hope that it will be useful for at least some. Yes, it is and probably will always be a niche product, because it has special design principles which might not be in line what most people prefer. Still, it should proof to be valuable for quite some people, either because you are a privacy concise person or because you work for an organization where storing your data on someone else servers simply is not the best idea.

The purpose of writing the app was never to “make money” with it. I started writing it for fun, in my free time. And I still continue developing it, not only because I use the app myself, but also because it still is a great way to learn and keep up to date with the most recent developments in the programming world.

If you like using the app, there are quite a few ways you can support the development:

  • Most important, if you find issues or have good ideas on how to improve the app, consider raising an issue in the bug tracker.
  • You can join in translating the strings of the app to other languages. Translation is done on POEditor and can be done easily in a browser.
  • If you are a developer, you might consider doing some changes to the code on your own and contributing back. You can easily study the code of the project on GitLab, play around and create a pull request if you have something you’d like to contribute.

That way, you help everyone who’s using the app - and yourself 😉

Can I donate some money as well?

In short: Yes.

Before, please keep in mind that helping out using one of the suggestions above is really enough as well.

So, if you feel you want to donate, here are your options: